Thursday, 29 October 2009


Here are the first of my button collections. No, I know there are not very many of them, but I am not thinking of buttons down a cardigan, I am thinking more for embellishing a cuff or a neck piece, or a bag. Or even a handmade journal. What do you think?

I used a parrot feather to impress the clay here, and then added a strip. The scan doesn't quite show the iridescence.
These look dimensional, but are smooth. They are indented then covered with liquid clay.

Faux leather...I hope you could tell!


  1. i LOVE your buttons.....they would look sweet on anything! and the faux leather ones are very convincing!! :))

  2. oooo im loving the buttons!! you don't know how much i love buttons.
    thanks for finding my blog. I hope you enjoy some of the things I create :)


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