Thursday, 3 September 2009


I can't believe that the brambles are ripening already. Where has the year gone to?
BRAMBLE. Isn't that a lovely word? It's sort of makes me think of going for a country walk and getting purple stained fingers and lips, and listening to birdsong....I guess a country AMBLE...So we picked some brambles and Naomi made us a delicious bramble and apple pie.
Here you can see it cooking, but it didn't last long - so sorry no photo of the finished pie. Well, I have to say, this blog post was a bit of a RAMBLE...I'm off !


  1. We call these Blackberries here. At least they look the same in the picture. It was a bad year for them here. Couldn't find enough for a pie. Yours looks so yummy.

  2. Oh I love the name "Bramble". I have never heard them called that.

    What a lovely pie!! Did you eat it warm with a little vanilla ice cream?? Yum!!

  3. Looks yummu! Are Brambles the same as what we call blackberries here?

  4. Thanks girls,
    yes, these are what some people call blackberries. I think bramble might be a Scottish word- not sure.

  5. YUM! brambles and apples in a pie! "Bramble" recalls to mind children's stories of long ago times.


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