Friday, 25 September 2009

Empty Nest ...

I never thought I could miss my boy so much. We had our big family road trip down to Glasgow on Saturday and we left him behind at his University residence. OK, so I don't really have a totally EMPTY nest, I still have my two beautiful daughters at home, but it certainly going to take some time to get used to my son not being around. He on the other hand is perfectly fine - having a ball in fact! Oblivious to his mother's tears! But that's OK. It's my problem, not his after all. I'm happy he is happy.
This made my day though - I won a beautiful handmade book in a blog giveaway, from the wonderful Lori. If you haven't visited her blog before, then drop by and have a look. She is a very gifted individual. I can't wait for my little book to arrive!
I also recently received a gift from Sherry, a lovely embroidered sachet. I apologise Sherry, that I haven't mentioned you sooner - my head has been full of sorting out things for Uni and all the other things going on in this busy household. The sachet is lovely. What clever hands you have.
Drop by her blog and say hi...


  1. congrats on winning the book and the gift from your friend!

  2. Wow, both of those are beautiful! Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your prizes.

    I understand that empty nest feeling, by the way. Even though the boys are still here, I miss my girls terribly. :(

  3. I feel for you, i can still remember how i had such an ache inside when my eldest went off to glasgow, even though i still had two at home. What a wonderful thing is a web cam!!!

  4. Thanks everyone.

    Ah Ruthie - you must know exactly what I feel then - that's where he is - Glasgow!


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