Friday, 11 September 2009

Twas the hooting of an owl...

It's an owly rambling I have for you today. We were woken last night by a screech owl. It was REALLY loud and it was ages before I got to sleep again, and as a result, I am a bit tired and grumpy this morning. It reminded me of a poem a wrote when I first moved to this house. Thing is - (and this is a bit weird) - when I wrote it, I heard the voice of Pam Eyres in my head. Now if you've not heard of Pam Eyres. She is a poet who became a bit of a household name in the UK a number of years ago. She's a bit like Marmite - an aquired taste. She's part of my youth, so I look on her fondly - and I like Marmite. Anyhoo, when reading my poem, be sure to embody Pam Eyres, otherwise it doesn't work so well!

Twas the Hooting of an Owl (With apologies to Pam Ayres)

Twas the hooting of an owl wot woke me,
Twas the hooting of an owl last night,
It’s wot woke me up from me beauty sleep
And gave me a terrible fright!

Twas the hooting of the owl wot woke me.
Woke me up in the middle of me dream.
Twas the hooting of an owl,
Wot ‘as made me feel so fowl.
It’s ‘is fault I’m so grumpy and mean.

Twas the hooting of the owl wot woke me,
Twas ‘im wot disturbed my REM
Twas the hooting of an owl
On ‘is nightly prowl.
Well, e’d better not do it again!

Hmmm, maybe someone will find that amusing!!! MAYBE !

(The owl illo is one I did a while back, it's in Karisma/Prismacolor pencil on black paper.)

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  1. I loved it!!!! :)

    We hear the hooting of an owl every now and then. I love to hear them, but a loud one would be a nuisance!!
    Hope he/she is quiet tonight!


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