Thursday, 13 August 2009


It seems a shame that we live in such a lovely place yet only really take time to appreciate the beauty when we have visitors and we take them to do some sightseeing.We recently visited this beautiful waterfall. These are called Rogie Falls.
It was very Lord of the Rings-ish at this spot.
We visited Loch Achulty. The water was crystal clear and the surrounding views breathtaking.

It always feels like a holiday for us too when we have visitors. It was such fun. This time it was my three lovely nieces. Such charming young ladies. Haven't laughed so much since, well - the last time we saw them. Not surprisingly, we haven't had much time to finish of decorating Naomi's room yet. Had yet another leak fixed yesterday! Hopefully that's all the hold ups for that room over with for the time being!


  1. Wow -- looks like a beautiful place to visit. I hope you can get there more often, even when you don't have visitors. Great pics!

  2. oh, i so know that feeling, i am always slightly embarrassed when we have visitors "up" and have to admit to not having visited this place or that for long enough! and it is always a lovely excuse to visit with them!


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