Friday, 28 August 2009

I haven't shown you this yet, so I thought I would. It's the first in a series of polymer clay teapot brooches that I started on a while ago. The black and white design I drew on paper first and then printed it out on my laser printer and applied it to the clay. That is my three year olds hand showing it off (complete with grubby fingernails), so it actually not that big.

I have always loved to collect smooth beach pebbles and have painted on them for years. At one point, when we lived in Belize, I was painting local wildlife on them and selling them as souvenirs to tourists for a bit of extra cash.
I had intended painting all the garden birds on these rocks for Gabriella to play with, but I only ever got as far as drawing the outlines. I wonder if I will ever get around to painting them?
This is a tiny pebble I painted with a peacock butterfly. It was kind of fiddly to do at that size. In reality it is only about just under an inch long.


  1. Oh I love the little teapot brooche. It would look so cute on a jean jacket!!

    Adore the stacked rocks and the ones your drew on and painted. You know these would sell quite well I think!!

  2. Lovely! I love the rocks too and bet those were fun to paint & sell.

  3. I absolutely love the painted rocks!!

  4. Love the teapot's great!

  5. Thankyou everyone for the nice comments. You made my day!

  6. The teapot is so cool! Your rocks are pretty and I think they are great with just the outline.


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