Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Decorating Blues

I've been rather splattered with paint lately as I am in the process of decorating Naomi's bedroom. Alas, nothing ever seems to go quite as smoothly as one would hope. I lifted her old carpet today to discover that there is water coming in from the shower in the next room. Everything is now on hold while we try to locate and fix the problem.
This is a totally unrelated picture - I didn't think a damp patch on the floor made for great blog photos. This amazing looking moth caterpillar is chomping his way through my golden hop plant. But that's OK, because it is a rather energetic specimen - the hop that is. I am always having to chop it back because it strays all over the place.


  1. Oh my goodness Doda... he is incredibly beautiful even if he is a little pest... wow... never seen one like him before... thanks for sharing this unrelated pic... and thanks for stopping by my blog to visit! Hugs to you for a glorious day.


  2. so sad about the water leak. that can just throw everything off kilter. hope it's fixed soon.

    my son was allergic to any kind of caterpillar at all as a kid. and being the adventurous type, he would have been totally attracted to this pretty one in your yard!!

  3. Oh come on! We wanted to see the damp patch! That is one very interesting caterpillar!


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