Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Inside our new home

Today we got to see inside our new home for the first time. I won't bore you with all the photos we took as they all look pretty similar, but this little room is my craft room. It's very exciting to see it all take shape. It was much lighter and airier than I had imagined, some room sizes seemed smaller, but others seemed bigger. It is always so hard to imagine how things will fit in when you just see the bare bones of a place...but overall, we really loved it.
This is one side of the lounge. There will be a wood burning stove in here eventually.
And this is the dining area of the kitchen with French doors out to the garden. A very pleasant room.
. This is the other end of the kitchen. The sink will be going by the window and there will be a peninsula unit across the room. I can't wait to cook there !

This window area is in my little daughters bedroom. It is going to have a window seat in here and she can enjoy the view while relaxing on a pile of cushions. It will be gorgeous.
And here is the utility room which will house a run of units and the washing machine. I like the door.
Well, that rounds up my little glimpse into our new home.
I'll be dreaming of it tonight I think.

Have a lovely evening

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  1. Lovely to see inside your new home. I'll bet you can't wait to plan what's going in the craft room?!



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