Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Glass etch labelling

I said I'd be using those new Alphabet dies a lot. I've been doing a spot of glass etching with them here. I have used self adhesive vinyl and dies before to cut stencils for etching, but this time I also bought some transfer tape. This made the job a whole lot easier. You lay it on top of the vinyl that has been cut, so that once you peel off the self adhesive backing, it is easier to smoothly place your vinyl onto the glass that is to be etched.
I just use up any bits of vinyl I have left to do this. It doesn't matter what colour it is. This picture shows the letters being placed before I remove the transfer tape.
It is important to have a frame around the letters otherwise there would be no nice neat edge around the etching. You could alway use masking tape to make a frame around the letters.
The product I use is called Armour Etch but there are other similar etching creams on the market. Remember to follow all the safety instructions.
I'm delighted with the result. I think I may just have to do a few more labels on my jars now.
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  1. Great project Doda - something I've been thinking about getting into for a while; so thanks for the nudge!

    Karen x


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