Thursday, 27 November 2014

Decorative storage box

I bought one of those kraft papier mache boxes to cover with the delightful Tonic Vintage papers. I then used Tonic's new Millinery dies to decorate the lid to make this useful and pretty box for storing ribbons in. I also used one of Tonic's gorgeous library handles on the box to add further vintage styling.

The label is black paper with white pencil writing for a chalkboard look.  I love these handles, they are so cute!
 I lined the box too. I can't help myself!

In other news, someone just gave me a colour laser printer to play with. I'm excited for all the possibilities ! 
Have a lovely creative day !
And a very happy thanksgiving to all my American friends.


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  1. Really lovely! Looks very neat :-) ooooh bet you're going to have fun with that printer! ;-) H xx


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