Friday, 21 November 2014

Apothecary cabinet

Tonic Studios have recently brought out some very cool mini furniture that you build and decorate yourself. This unit is called the Tivoli unit and is designed primarily to be used as an advent calendar. I decided to give mine a vintage twist and just for fun made it into an apothecary style unit. It will find a use on my desk storing drawing pins, paper clips and other such small items.
I'm a little bit OCD, and so I always have to decorate the back to make it pretty too. I found some wonderful vintage printable advertisements for some rather dubious sounding medications!
Electricity..nature's chief restorer apparently! Sounds a bit scary if you ask me !
These units can be decorated in any way you fancy.  I added the little wooden drawer pulls for feet to further customise the unit.
I used my old favourite - tomato paste tube, to cut the letters with Tonic's new alphabet dies. I've used crackle glaze all over this unit. I love the effect!
(And yes, I had to decorate inside too !)

There is another new style of drawers being launched tomorrow on Create and Craft TV. so I'll be letting you see that very soon. For more ideas on how to decorate these units pop on over to Blog Tonic. 

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  1. What brilliant post really love all your work, thanks for the inspiration which I really need as I am so good at buying but not so good at doing and need all the help I can get, really appreciated, Dee.X


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