Friday, 9 May 2014

PoP uP Butterflies.

You have to bear a few things in mind when making a card for my almost 8 year old. There must be pink, love hearts, jewels and butterflies in it. I've done my best to meet her critical criteria here. On the front of the card I've used a die from one of Tonic's pop up die sets. I've also used the vine square base from the tea party set and the layering butterflies dies. On the inside, there is a little surprise for her.
I've used the pop up mechanism with some of the layering butterflies so that it is now a pop up butterfly card. Of course I have added the required love hearts too.

Hopefully you can see what I have done here. I have stuck one half of a butterfly on one side of the pop up mechanism and I stuck the other butterfly on the other half so you have them going two different directions.

I wonder what else I can put in a pop up card. Hmmm.

(Here's a picture of my little butterfly whisperer last summer!)

Have a lovely day



  1. Really lovely card, just can't believe G will be 8 already!! Have a lovely weekend :-)

  2. Hi Doda, a beautiful card any little ( or not so little) girl would love!
    On 25th March on the blog tonic site you made a tissue box slip cover which I'd love to have a go at making.. You mentioned that you would post a printable template on your site but I can't find it. Have I missed it? Thanks.


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