Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tooth Fairy Pillow

My sewing machine is out, and a number of projects will be coming up, although I won't be able to show you some of them for a while...(Top Secret you know!)

For this little pillow I have used some flock t shirt vinyl - which you'll be able to find on Ebay. It is designed to be used with a heat press machine, but I find that with a good firm press with a hot iron, it works great. I used one of Tonic Studios new Fairy dies to cut the little fairy. The tooth was cut with scissors from shiny vinyl. My little tooth fairy pillow hangs from the door handle. Well - have you ever tried to locate a tiny tooth under the pillow of a sleeping child?

My little girl knows that I am actually the tooth fairy.(Funniest looking fairy I've ever seen!) She usually leaves me tiny little notes too which I always respond too. There's just enough room in this little pocket for a tooth, or a tiny note...or even a pound coin!

Have a lovely creative day.


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  1. this is very sweet. I have just told today to our younger one that we are two fairies, her parents.. :)


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