Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hand held vacuum cleaners..which one to buy...?

My craft room is currently situated upstairs (otherwise known as my son's bedroom). I am constantly making a mess up there...bits of paper and embossing powder and goodness knows what go flying all over the floor. But my big Dyson is quite heavy for me to take up the stairs and I have hurt my back a few times taking it up and also cleaning the stairs, so I am looking for a small but not expensive vacuum cleaner like a handheld that I can leave up there so I can clear up after myself more often.

I have been reading all the reviews I can but find that some reviews are pretty mixed, so I any crafters out there have experience of a hand held or small vacuum that works well picking up little bits of paper and craft debri? If so, which one would you recommend?

Thanks XX

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  1. I'd buy a small elephant with a large trunk. That should do the trick. Environmentally friendly too as you can bung the poo on the roses.


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