Tuesday, 8 November 2011

winter beach trip

On Saturday it was a crisp and sunny November day so we went to Nairn beach. We always ask ourselves why we don't go more often because as soon as we arrive and smell the salt air and hear the crashing waves, all stress disappears.
Splashing in the sea in your wellies is great fun, and all was going well until she underestimated the depth !!! Brrr! Just as well I brought a change of clothing.
Standing atop the dunes looking out to sea...nothing but beach for miles and miles.
You might just be able to spot me lurking beneath the sand dune here. I hate seeing myself in photos, so that's about all you're going to get for now :-)
Sigh!  I hope I can go back there soon.


  1. Wow these photos are lovely, look at that beautiful clear sky. Lee x

  2. We've had this weather too for the past days too. Isn't it wonderful! Our kids were at the beach today too... lovin' it :)
    Anne x

  3. So very beautiful!!! Oh, I do love the beach, there's just something about the sound of the waves. So thankful you all have had such nice fall weather over yonder. (my mother used that word often when I was a child...southern term here in the states). Thanks for stopping by and the sweet comments!


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