Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Just how far will 2 metres go?

Hi there! I've just finished making a loose cover for this comfortable chair we use at the computer desk. I had ordered 2 metres of lovely upholstery quality ticking fabric for another project, but when it arrived the colour was darker than I expected so it didn't work for my original intended project. It is a dark indigo stripe, but really looks so dark it is almost black. It is gorgeous weight fabric to work with and I thought it would be perfect for this chair which was starting to look a bit grubby.
The photo does not show all the dirt- just as well! This chair is a Laura Ashley dining chair I bought at auction a few years ago for £1 ! It had a navy blue slipcover on it, but it shrunk badly when I washed it - and I never liked it that much anyway, so we have been using it in it's natural state- perfect for picking up dirty marks!
The ticking fabric frays quite bad so I decided to buy some bias binding and cover all the internal seams. Nothing like making hard work for yourself. I have to say I did a really bad job with the seam covering- not neat at all, but they are covered and they won't fray now, and who is going to see them anyway - oh oh! I just showed you, that was silly!!!
I only had enough in my purse to buy 2 metres of bias binding tape and it was JUST enough. I only had a tiny bit over. Phew!
Doing upholstery is a bit like childbirth! It's a bit of a struggle and sometimes you don't even think you'll get there, but once it is over, you forget all the hassles and pain and are chuffed to bits with your new baby! I'm delighted with mine!
Now I have some fabric left over...I have some plans...
I'm going to cover this seat I bought last week at auction for £2. It had a little woodworm, but I have treated it now. It's a lovely solid made chair.
And if there is enough fabric left after that, I am going to make a cover for my sewing machine. The horrible plastic one that it came with (some 20 years ago) is beginning to fall to bits. It needs something cute to replace it.

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  1. I do love to see old things given a new lift Doda, I have 6 chairs to make covers for and i love this idea, i might have to copy! I also have a wonderful old & very comfy armchair that is in a bad state, but im not sure im brave enough to re-upholster! ps: Next time we are up your way I shall have to let you know ;-)


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