Monday, 28 November 2011

I'm still using up my 2 metres of fabric

I've had my Toyota sewing machine since I got married some 20 or so years ago. It was bought with wedding present money from my grandfather. It is still working fine and I don't desire another - (except for maybe the old hand cranked Singer machine that was my grandmothers!! - My mum looks after that for now)
I have been enjoying using this ticking fabric and am managing to squeeze quite a few projects out of the 2 metres that I bought. 
I thought - what if the sewing machine fancied itself as a Singer - so I embellished with a Citrasolv transfer. I wasn't sure which one I liked best so I have one on either side!
I think it looks rather grand now - well certainly compared to the ripped plastic cover it was wearing last week!
I still have some fabric left...there will be more projects. I am determined to use every last centimetre!

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  1. Heehee, Doda this is a very humorous but gorgeous sewing machine cover. You have a great sense of humour. Lee x


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