Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wedding Stationery Sample

I have been doing some sample wedding invitations for a friend who gets married next June. Here is the design I like the best so far. (Of course the choice won't actually be mine.)
I seem to always lean towards clean designs when it comes to Wedding Invitations. 

Anyhoo, The front design is very simple. I printed the text with a font from here. For the little motif,  I used the crossing hearts paper punch from Tonic Studios.

For the inside I wanted to make slits to slide in the silver insert rather than just sticking it down, so I rummaged through my punches to see what I could think of and came up with this idea. I used this two in one paper punch
I removed the corner punching guides and simply lined up the punch with the edges of the card. To get the right size for the insert, I measured between the top and bottom points, and the outermost points and made the card just a fraction smaller. 
Because I used a contrasting colour insert I think it looks pretty from the back too. 
(I imagine it might be possible to do this with other corner punches that have a removable guide.)
I am thinking I could also use this idea for making small cards for inserting store gift tokens. 


  1. This is a beautiful invite, love how you used the punch. Lee x

  2. Right - that's t!! I *have* to have one of those awesome hole punches - just think of the opportunities it would bring me!!!

    I LOVE the whole look!



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