Monday, 19 September 2011

and another one...

My poor family...they just don't understand why I keep making little boxes!
It gives me great pleasure to design and make them! I don't know why myself!
This is a little gift set I just finished. I think I will pop it in my Etsy shop soon...
It's a little journal with hand embroidered cover upcycled from denim from my son's jeans.
(It's OK- he had finished with them.)
The journal has a pretty bookmark ribbon, and comes with 4 little pencils, an eraser and a sharpener. Everything you need for a little sketching session.
The box is lined with smaller boxes inside- it took a while to get the template just right!
Actual size of the journal is 3" by 2, 1/4"


  1. Doda, they are adorable, such little cuties. :)

  2. Doda this is such a beautiful project and would make a wonderful gift. And if making wee boxes makes you happy, well Im very much of the opinion that you should always create what you like. That way you know that your heart and soul has gone into that one project no matter how big, small, easy or complicated it is. Lee xx

  3. They really are something else, Doda. Absolutely lovely :)

  4. HI HI HI HI HI!
    I know why you keep making these! They are adorable! Aren't you so very clever?
    I am Pinterest-ing this post, girl!
    We should chat soon?
    I will leave my FaceBook chat open in the mornigns just in case you are there when I am there.
    Miss you!
    love, me

  5. you girlies are all so kind. Thankyou for your comments. You've made my day!

  6. I love your boxes and admire all the thought that went into making all these lovely goodies. I am a box junkie, I love making them too. Thanks for the show.


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