Tuesday, 20 September 2011

pencil boxes

This is my latest thing. Vintage encyclopaedia wrapped mini pencils. 
When I get around to it, I'll be adding some to my Etsy shop.
8 to a box - they are so cute!
a handmade box - of course!
I love little things! Don't you?

They even will come with a poem!

Age old book,
Tattered, torn.
Cover loose,
Pages worn.
Ruler, knife,
pencils, glue.
Turn it into
something new.

(Do I need my head examined?)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and your box is beautiful too. Lee x

  2. LOL, Doda, NO!! You are in the right set of mind - a creative set. love the pencils. (ps. isn't this reain just annoying...?)

  3. These are absolutely fabulous! Do you sell them? I clicked on the site hoping to buy them!! I'm now your newest follower in Chicago!


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