Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Vintage Leather

I finished this chair yesterday after I finally found the piece of leather I'd been looking for (while looking for something else of course). The cushion is one I made a long time ago. It is crazy patchwork and incorporates some hand drawn butterflies. It is trimmed with my favourite red pom poms. I love pom pom trim! Sad, but true!

Here it the chair in it's before state. 

It was another one of my £1 auction bargains.  I think it looks quite "gentleman's study" now. I love the look of the vintage leather, and I only bent a few of the brass upholstery nails in the process! 

I had a little scrap of leather left over, so I upcycled an evaporated milk tin and made a nice pen pot to go with the desk mat and the chair.
I cut the leather to size and then ran it through my "ready for a service" sewing machine before glueing it onto the tin. It's an easy make but looks quite classy. If you have any scraps of old leather, this would make a nice gift for the man in your life.


  1. You clever stinker!
    I am still trying to get the nailhead trim off a chair I showed last year...it is coming along slowly. I swear there are 500 nails on my chair.
    LOVE the cup.
    Had to laugh! Right before I read your post, I was googling "sewing machine service greenville south carolina". My machine needs work, too!
    In reply to your comment about my inspection:
    The method of home inspection y'all have over there ;), is probably quite frustrating, huh?
    Hey, wanted to ask you if you would consider letting me be able to reply to your comments via email?
    I posted a few weeks back about how to do that:
    I would love to be able to respond to you in a more timely manner, LOL!
    Did you pick a date that you will be listing your home?
    Blessings, sweet Doda!

  2. I love leather too and it was a perfect choice for your chair, great job! I seem to have a weakness for buying interesting chairs. Next week I will be posting my redo of a vintage chair with cowhide, would love to have you stop by and take a peek.

  3. LOVE your chair. How beautiful is that? It looks totally different from before. You obviously have the eye for things needing a new look.


  4. What a fine job you did! The brass nails give it a nice rich look.


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