Monday, 28 February 2011

Bathroom - the makeover

I thought it was about time I showed you some of the changes we have made in this house before we finish it and hopefully sell up and move to another. 
I'm starting off with our bathroom. Now when we started work on the bathroom I didn't keep a blog, and it never occured to me to take good BEFORE shots, so I apologise for the few pictures that I have, but I think you'll get the general idea. It was horrible!
The ceiling was swirly artex, and because we ripped out some units and a big block wall that contained the shower unit, it was patchy and nasty.
Also there was a long striplight inset into the ceiling and it had been framed with dark stained pine and fitted with a patterned plastic. This photo was after we'd ripped off the dark frame and plastic.
The shower was disgusting and dark and dingy and seemed to overpower the room. This was after we'd taken away a panel that went from the top of the door to the ceiling. Yeugh!
We'd just ripped out the large corner avocado coloured bath in this picture. It was on a raised area of flooring all covered with cork tiles and I was forever stubbing my toe on it when I went past to the toilet.  The walls had been stripped of the charming brown and beige tile effect vinyl wallpaper. Are you getting the idea? Not really what one would call an attractive bathroom.
Sorry I don't have more before photos to show you just how yucky it was. this is what we've done....
Important change no. 1. Put in a white suite. We also put in a new window. There is nothing but forest behind us so no need for typical bathroom window glass. It gives a much more open feel. 
I used MDF beadboard and painted it in a lovely blue shade. In retrospect, I might have painted it in pale gray or white had I known we'd be moving so soon, but the paint was in the reduced section for £1 a tin, and I bought about 8 tins, so blue it shall stay!

 Now that the block wall is down, the room feels twice as big. There is space for this lovely old chest of drawers which I got from my friends garage. We keep all our toiletries and towels in there. The mirror on the top came from the auction for £15. 

The lovely balloon back chair was another auction bargain for only £5. One day I'll recover the seat, but I don't really mind the shabby old velvet. I've grown kind of fond of it.

The table was £1 at auction and the corner cupboard £3. The shabby painted shelf was made by my dad for a previous kitchen but I don't have anywhere to put it in my present kitchen, so it ended up in here. As you can see we had the ceiling plastered and installed downlighters. 
If I had a wide angle lens perhaps you'd get a better idea. Hope you can spot the improvement! 
I might show you the kitchen next.  


  1. Doda - thanks for commenting on my posts today.
    May I say that I am glad that you like the button blackbird!
    And, I really like what you have done to your bathroom - it is beautiful! Right out of a fancy magazine - super!

    Spring is on its way 'bout where you are? I can hardly wait!
    Take care and we'll talk soon...

  2. OH!
    What a marvelous makeover, Doda!
    I enjoyed that a lot :)
    I love befores and afters, you know!
    The bathroom was pitiful, huh?
    Thank goodness you had a vision for its potential.
    The dresser with the mirror over it is a lovely corner! (If my bath were big enough, I should like to put a piece of furniture on mine, too!
    How much do you suppose the whole makeover cost?
    You are on your way to getting the house ready to sell--it looks beautiful!
    HUGS and blessings to you!

  3. This bathroom is amazingly beautiful, GREAT JOB! It is soooo nice! Thanks for sharing the pics!


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