Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Long Haul/hall - the reveal

The hall is finally finished! Yippee! 

I've been taking a trip down memory lane. When we started renovating this house, I did not think to take before photos of everywhere, so all I have managed to find are a couple of photos of my kids. I don't think they'll thank me for posting these. Here is my son quite a few years ago standing in the hall. (He's 19 now, 20 this year). We started ripping things out of the hall a long time ago, then I had a baby who will be 5 this May, and things never got done until very recently. 
By this time we had ripped off a fancy border, taken down a picture rail and party removed some damaged crown moulding. It was looking really pretty!

We've been living with it looking like this for so long, that we got kind of used to it. People would visit and ask if we were in the middle of decorating and I would answer, "Well, sort of "... this went on for several years!
Here's Naomi who is now 17. Awww wasn't she sweet. Looking a bit bedraggled here after a day at primary school.
So now, very thankfully the hall looks like this.....
That's better, I've been waiting a long time for this. Oh, and a big thank you to Leslie who showed me the wonderful beadboard wallpaper which covered up my terrible walls very well! 

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  1. OH wow!
    What a difference, lady!!
    In the kids and in the hallway!
    How many rolls did you have to buy?
    A new buyer will LOVE the hallway!
    One of the large projects I am NOT looking forward to is taking down the toile wallpaper in our foyer. It may take me all year, and I may cry, because I actually do like it.
    But it is too personal for someone else.
    I am so amazed and inspired by you!
    Thank you for posting this--if Dodadidit, Lesliecandidit, too!
    LOVE you, sweet friend!
    I hope you have a wonderful day full of God's joy!


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