Friday, 4 February 2011

hello !

Hi there, there was no Thrifty Thursday this week and my activities have come to a standstill because my  little girl has come down with the tummy bug that is making the rounds. She is feeling rather sorry for herself, poor thing. I do hope she feels better soon - and keeps it to herself!

I am actually in the middle of decorating her room. It has dark wood panelling and I am painting it all white to lighten the room. It is taking quite a few coats of paint though. I'll be really glad when it is done! Hopefully I'll be back with a more interesting post soon.


  1. Oh your poor little girl. I'm full of sympathy. I hope she gets better soon.

    I bet the panelling will look unrecognisable when you've finished. So light and bright!


  2. Is she better by now? It seams to be everywhere, UK, SK, the whole Europe is down with flu. Ours seam to be on the recovery path, still coughing and blowing the nose often.... Hope you are keeping fit!


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