Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Here is our little house in the Highlands. As you can see, it is rather chilly right now.

Current conditions are freezing fog. I am trying to keep my little girl cosy inside as she is cough, cough, coughing away at the moment.

...and now to warm your heart, a couple of pictures of my two silly girls. I don't really know how Naomi took these photos of herself and her sister, but they are cute aren't they?

...and I showed you these a long time ago, but here is another use for the plastic milk bottle lids I save. These are my pin cushion brooches. Very handy to have when you are sitting doing hand sewing and need somewhere to stick the pins and needles. Have you ever stuck a needle into the arm of your sofa only to forget about it until you prick yourself on it later? Hmm? No? OK! Anyway, they are very handy, and the plastic means that you don't stick yourself right through the brooch with a pin. I was going to list some in my Ebay shop eventually, but because I have been busy with the house at the moment, most crafts have taken a back seat. Although I have started to crochet a blanket in the evenings. I might show you later.
...I'll be back soon with a little giveaway... until then...stay warm and cosy :-)


  1. Oh Doda - stay WARM!
    Does look like a time to make a cozy fire and sit to do some needlework, though. Hope your sweet daughter feels better soon.
    Thanks for the post on polkadotponie!
    I have not figured out the kind of "permanent" ink to stamp fabric with. I used a permanent (supposedly) dye ink stamp pad on washed fabric and ironed it with a HOT iron after to "set it". I will certainly let you know when I DO figure out what works best for actual yardage, okay?
    Stay Warm!!

  2. Brrrrr indeed! But so lovely too! And your girls are so cute :)

    The brooches are adorable!

  3. Your home looks so beautiful hidden there in the snow! Our girls would love to see snow like this! The pics of your girls are just gorgeous too:D I LOVE your milk bottle top pincushions! I am going to start buying the bottles of milk, instead of cartons! Stay warm ~ Tina xx

  4. oh my goodness......bundle up!!! yikes, it looks cold!! your girls are precious.....i hope all of you have fun drinking some hot cocoa while sitting next to the fireplace!!! xoxo, :))


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