Friday, 26 November 2010

Bottle caps are tops!

Hello from the snowy Highlands!

Today I am sharing with you my love for bottle caps. I like to save the lids from our plastic milk bottles because they have so many uses. Today I used one for mixing a little paint to touch up some scratches on our mahogony bath panel. These lids are just the right size for small amounts of paint and I don't need to wash up afterwards. Very handy!

I have many other uses for these little lids. Next post I will share another handy tip for using these lids. So DON'T throw them away, hang on to them and lets see how many uses we can come up with.

(This was last night, just after it had started snowing. My little girl was so excited she went out without putting her coat on - there is much more snow today)


  1. Your little girl is adorable...that's exactly how I'd look if I had some snow!...Great idea for the bottle caps! Enjoy your weekend! :) Paulette

  2. We had a little sprinkling of snow this morning which melted away by about 9. :-(

    I hope we get some more!!

    I like you idea for bottle tops. I'll be keeping them for some ideas like this!


  3. ha! I have never thought of using the lids in this way, but so true and clever, 'bookmarking' :)

  4. ...and they melt, if you iron them within freezer paper of course and in a ventilated room/wear a mask.
    They can be carefully shaped when hot and melted, drilled through as buttons n beads.
    Your right, they have their uses but I hadnt sussed the small paint pot bit so thanks for that info! :)


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