Thursday, 11 November 2010


In 2000 we moved to Belize in Central America for 2 years. The best part of it for me was all the wonderful people I met while there. My husband worked as the Principal of a small Christian school and through that we came in to contact with some amazing people. I have many fond memories. However, life there was not as comfortable as we have grown used to in the UK. We frequently were without water, did not have AC, had no hot water for washing dishes, and the only hot water tap was in the bathroom- not attached to a shower, so we used to fill a bucket with warm water and then wash ourselves with the aid of a plastic jug. It would have cost too much to fill a bath, but I do have some hilarious pictures somewhere of my daughter having a bath squashed into a blue plastic tub - I wouldn't dare embarass her by sharing those!

Food was expensive and we often had to trail round several shops to get the things we needed at a price we could afford. Sounds like I am grumbling about it, but no, it taught us to be more appreciative.
Yes, food is getting expensive here too, but the food on offer in the supermarkets is incredible. The first time I visited Tescos after we returned I felt overwhelmed by the choice.
When we moved back to this country, I said I was going to paint a lizard or a gekko somewhere on the wall of each room in our house to remind us to be thankful for all the blessings we have in this country that I used to take for granted.

OK, so where are all the gekkos in my house? Well, I've told you how long it has taken me to get around to doing all the rooms, and now we are finishing it all off with a view to selling, so the number of lizards now totals one! Yes, that's all I am afraid. He's in the master bedroom. I wonder what the people who purchase this house will make of him?

So...the next house we get...Lord willing...lots of gekkos!


  1. That's an amazing picture pf a gekko. What did you use to draw it on the wall?

    I love the idea that each time you see it, it'll remind you of all that you have now.

    Would you ever like to live out there again?

    My children go to a private Christian school in Oxfordshire....I'm wondering how the school compares to the one your husband worked at!


  2. I love geckos! I lived in Taiwan as a child and loved watching them.


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