Wednesday, 30 June 2010

zoom zoom zoom

Ah, the joy of being 4! Lots of fresh air and fun.
I am pleased to report that my dear husband is doing well. We have been benefitting from the fresh air too. Taking gentle walks and sitting out reading and enjoying each others company. I have much to do- many jobs that he is not currently able to do, but I am so happy to have him around. Our target now is to get this house and garden spruced up and to move to somewhere a little less work. We currently have a very large garden , which is lovely. But it is just too much for us to handle.
I'm off to tackle to ironing pile now. I want to get the utility room cleared so that my husband can get in and make some candles when he feels up to it. Creative therapy!


  1. SO HAPPY to hear your dear husband is recovering nicely and all is well! What a blessing for all of you :) I am sad to hear you must move - only because I know how much he enjoys working in the garden - but small gardens can be just as lovely and productive as large ones (and a lot less strain too!)...... :)

    Yes, I agree, how FUN to be four! Especially when you're so adorable :)

  2. Hi Doda,
    my internet browser has been giving me so many issues lately, one of them being unable to comment on blogspot--ugh!
    I hope you get this!
    I am so happy to hear that your husband is home with you and recovering! I am happy that your little girl still has daddy here.
    Praise God!


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