Friday, 2 July 2010


We were honoured by the visit of two lovely moths yesterday. This one is a Large Emerald, and it chose our study door to perch on. ( I am rather embarrassed now I see how dirty the door is. That is on my list of jobs for this afternoon!)
It looked funny when my little girl peered through the glass at it! And this rather grand specimin is a Buff Ermine. He was really fluffy. This is the first time we have seen either of these varieties, so we were pretty excitedly flicking through the books trying to identify them. What a treat. They stayed all day.


  1. I *adore* moths and those visitors of yours are gorgeous indeed! How fun! :)

  2. Hi Sweetie! I read your hubby is on the mend...YAY!!! I'm sooo happy for that!

    These moths are beautiful...and so is your darling little girl!

    xo Paulette

  3. Let's see if google will let me leave another note--maybe the issue is fixed?!?!
    OH! I love the Buff Ermine!
    I have never seen moths like either of those here in the US. Just gorgeous!
    I have always thought that moths were pretty cute!
    P.S. You should see my dirty doors, and yours wouldn't seem so bad ;)


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