Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I was going to take pictures of this outside today, but every time the sun came out and I thought about it, it clouded over again. Anyhoo, here's my latest bit of sewing. I was fed up with all the pegs falling out the old one, so it was time for a bit of sewing.
I used a lovely Laura Ashley scrap I got from my sister-in-law, and a graphic from the Graphics Fairy - (thanks to Tina over at Rubies Place for giving me that idea.) Of course, then I had to make a Provence lavender sachet to scent the laundry while it waits in the rather large ironing pile :-)


  1. Donccha love the Graphics Fairy?!?!?
    I love your new clothes pin (pegs) bag!
    I can't hang clothes outside, we are in a subdivision and it's a no-no.
    That sachet gave me a nudge to make some more from the fresh batch of lavender I just harvested from my own yard... sewing machine calls...

  2. Hi Doda,
    I did want to mention- while I thought of it--I still would love to do a swap! And would love to mail you stuff that represented us in the Southern States--in a few weeks may be good for me to do that- you?

    Also, wikipedia defines subdivision:

    Our 36 acre subdivision, River Mist, has 251 houses in it. :)
    Subdivisions usually have what are called HOAs, Home Owner Associations. There are dues paid (ours is $350 a year) by each home to pay for things like the electricity for the street lights/entrance sign, the upkeep of the pool, landscaping, community parties.
    The benefits are nicer-looking neighborhoods, fellowship and safety. Cons are living closely to your neighbor and inconvenience in parking, esp. if someone is having a party, and hearing noise from those parties at night. (Usually the parties are just on weekends, and not every weekend).
    Hope that answers your question?

  3. Oh I love them both! Gorgeous fabric and I love lavender:) Thank you so much for the sweet mention! Hope you are having a wonderful week ~ Tina xx


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