Monday, 10 May 2010

W.I.P. progress

Rag dolly is progressing slowly. I have to work on her when my little girl is still in bed, or busy elsewhere, so progress is not fast. I sew the hair on strand by strand. This means it can stand up to a lot of rigorous play, and can be styled and played with. It worked really well for the dolls I made my older daughter when she was little. It's a bit of an effort, but really worth it. Other than that, my "to do" list is still as long as ever. :-)


  1. Hi Sweetie! ... You sew every strand of hair on one at a time?! that's a labor of love! This little dollie I'm sure will be loved and treasured by your adorable daughter for a long time, with all her hair! Her other rag dolls are just lovely! I was enjoying a look around, and Doda, if I had your bathroom view, I think I'd be having my morning coffee in there right now! It's just beautiful...I love your jar pin cushion too! Have a fun day. I hope you get to spend some fun time on your wonderful works in progress! xo Paulette

  2. oh my goodness.....sewing the hair strand by! your sweet little girl will be able to play with this wonderful dollie for many, many years to come......and someday she'll see that each stitch was made with lots of love! and i enjoyed looking at the photos of your lovely live in a gorgeous house!! :)))

  3. AW!
    You know what I thought when I saw this picture?
    That our God takes special care of every strand (or not) on our heads- and you are a reflection of Him while you make this dolly-- you are a creator.
    We are all rag dollies with exquisite workmanship, crafted by loving hands--
    BTW, :), I bought the BLOOM mosaic sign at TJ Maxx.
    Do you have stores like that there?
    I thought you do, and that the name is very similar?
    Everyone's TO DO list is long!
    Don't worry about it!

  4. I think a swap with you would be GREAT fun!
    I love that idea!
    Let's do it!!
    Contact me through my email on my blog and let's chat!
    I will be gone this AM through Sunday night- so don't worry if I don't reply :)
    I am glad you asked!

  5. Doda!
    Thank you for telling me about the tack remover- I will look for one- that chair was being such a pain, I almost said bad words.
    I only growled at it, though.
    Still catching up on all my peeps, so I will read my email tomorrow- can't wait to see what you wrote :0)
    Blessings to you sweet, helpful friend!


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