Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Random Stuff...

The weather has been getting warmer at last. We've been able to get out and about and enjoy some fresh air! My little Miss has been loving messing about in the garden.
I took this picture while we were out for a walk yesterday. Not bad considering I am not the photographer of the house. Aren't dandelion seed heads amazing?

And this is something I am busy upcycling. It is the back of a chair - I have 2 of them. The chairs were bought at auction for £1 and were falling apart. So I helped by sawing the backs off them.
It's going to be part of the birthday present for my little Miss. Are you curious?
All will be revealed soon.
Oh, and this week the topic for Illustration Friday was my suggestion - Equipment.
I am only sorry I don't have the time to submit an illustration for my own choice of topic :-)
C'est la vie!


  1. Great pictures, Doda. I love dandilions too. Curious to see what you do with the chairs.

  2. I took a photo of a very similar dandelion head today, but I haven't posted it on any of my blogs yet. They really do make stunning photos.

  3. You took that picture? Wow ;)
    I am also amazed at the heads of dandelions!
    They are beautiful!
    Whatever could you be doing with those chairs?
    I will be awake all night wondering!

  4. it was lovely - while it lasted :), I finally "melted" and "defroze" :D


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