Friday, 7 May 2010

Weekend! Phew!

I am so glad that the weekend is almost here. I seem to be coming down with another cold type virus and am feeling rather weary! Just because I was wondering about with my camera earlier...I thought I'd show you one or two images from around my home. Above is the view from my bathroom window. It looks right out into a birch forest. The new leaves are all appearing now and when the sun shines the dappled shade is beautiful
This is the little key cupboard that hangs near the kitchen door. It was plain wood from Ikea before I painted and distressed it. Above it is one of my favourite plates. I love blue and white china, and topiary trees!
This is a chair I bought from my local auction for only £6. I plan on recovering it and giving it a fresh coat of must be at least number 357 on my "to do" list!

This chair cost me 50p. Yes, I bought 2 for a £1. I reupholstered the seat pad a few years ago now, and it sits in my bedroom with a couple of my cushions. More topiary trees you might have noticed.

Well, it is time for me to go make a rhubarb crumble, and then do some more to the rag doll. I had wanted to blog about the dandelion fritters we ate for tea last night, but we ate them before I got around to photographing them!


  1. Dandelion fritters?
    I would be curious to know what those are!
    What a lovely view out your bathroom window!
    I am sorry you aren't feeling well, rest. You must rest. K?
    I love the Jolly Jam Jar project you have up there now!
    (if that was always there- I am blind and not very observant and feel really dumb right now!)
    What a cute home you have!
    Do you celebrate Mother's Day in Scotland?
    If not, from me, here in the U.S.--Happy Mother's Day!!
    Hugs, Leslie

  2. I loved the ragdolly in process, and always enjoy the look into your home and life. As I said some time ago, my father was from Scotland and I am always fascinated by All Things Scottish :) Your home is lovely - I especially loved the deep window well that you can put pots and things on (here in the U.S. ours are so shallow), and the pretty view you have outside! Now please go drink some tea and get some rest because it seems you just barely got over a bug - don't get ill again!

    Meg from 'wild child' xoxo


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