Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ebony and ivory...

Hi there! I thought I'd fill you in on my crazy creative life this week.
On Thursday I am going to a fashion show run by a friend of mine. She is the manageress of a posh clothes shop. Thing is, I am supposed to be playing the piano for the show.
It's in a really lovely setting and it will be a beautiful piano - same as the one in the picture- such a treat to play- but I am busy trying to rack my brains to think of enough tunes that I know and can play to fill two 1 hour slots. I am mostly an ear player so I don't use music much. I hope she isn't too disappointed with me - at least I came cheap (free). My friend also asked me if I would like to have a table with my jewellery on it, and I can't possibly turn down an offer like that, so I have been busy making one or two new pieces and sorting out all that I have and thinking of ways to display it and price it etc.
Also, in keeping with the ebony ivory topic, I have been trying out a bottle of photomagic that a friend gave me about 15 years ago. It still works! This is going to be a cushion. I bought the linen a little while ago and have been wanting to try it out and see how it sews up. Does anyone have any tips for ironing linen? It seems like once you have washed it, it is virtually impossible to get it crease free. Maybe that's just the look of linen? Any opinions ?

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  1. You are one busy woman Doda! Sounds like it's all fun, exciting things ahead though - I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time! Your jewelry looks great and the linen looks lovely as well... (don't know much about ironing though!) xoxo

    P.S. I did stop over to see your daughter's photos - she is one talented photographer! and she'd adorable too :)


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