Friday, 5 March 2010

I'm back...bearly

Hello! It seems my internet is back working now. Much to my relief!
Now I can share with you what I have been making.
Tiny little one-of-a-kind, felt bears.

This is Clothilde. She longs to be a ballerina, and likes to dress up like one all the time. She even has a tiny tiara.

This is Pierre. The little brown bear.
He is rummaging about for accessories at the moment. I shall show you what he looks like when he is completed, but now I had better go finish some of those tidying jobs I started while I had no internet. It's amazing what you can get done when you are not surfing!


  1. these are just must have really good eyesight to work on something so small!

  2. awww, they are darling! they remind me of the little bears I had when I was young - so sweet! :)

  3. these wee little bears are absolutely precious!!! they must take forever to've done a fabulous job sewing them!! :))

  4. oh, how cute! i love bears, and little ones are especially precious!

  5. I saw your ear-rings on Lynn Stevens Blog and had to have a peek as I too live in Scotland.
    What adorable bears. You have an incredible talent. Lynne

  6. Hi Doda -- I nominated you for a blog award. Please check it out if you get a chance. :)

  7. Thanks for all your sweet comments!

  8. they are so cute, you must have oodles of patience!


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