Friday, 12 March 2010


"Are you sure we're going to eat that , Mum?"

It's been hectic as usual in the Smith house. I am still chasing my tail trying to get too many jobs done. I thought I'd let you have a glimpse of the cactus in a pot cake I made for my husband's garden themed birthday. It was going to be more of an Aloe Vera plant, but time was running out so I went for the easy option!

(Sorry for the blurry photo. ) The cactus spikes are chocolate vermicelli. The cactus is a blob of fondant icing and the mud is melted chocolate - which in retrospect wasn't a very good idea 'cos it didn't cut neatly - but it tasted good!


  1. wow, did a FANTASTIC job on this cake!!! those chocolate vermicelli are the perfect little cactus spikes!!! happy birthday to your sweet husband.....enjoy your celebration!!! :))

  2. Oh I love the cake, but love the photo more - that expression is priceless, what a sweetie:) hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  3. I can't believe you stuck on the spikes one by one... Coolies!

  4. What a CUTE cake! You did a great job! It's almost as cute as your little one, but not quite! What a cutie pie :)


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