Sunday, 31 August 2008

Beach day

We had a lovely afternoon at the beach in Rosemarkie
this Saturday. Here are some soothing images
to relax you. Wish you could have enjoyed the
gently lapping waves with us.


  1. Your blog breathe taking with the photos. I wish I had a blog like yours, so wonderful........
    Meet me at

  2. Great pictures! I love the seaweed. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well, Doda. BTW, I love the Bible verse at the bottom of yours. I might add one to mine as well. :)


  3. Thanks Rena.
    I wonder what your Bible verse will be?
    I'll be checking!

  4. these pictures are so beautiful! and this is a wonderful blog - a really lovely place to visit - thank you:-)

  5. I do love to see other people's beaches from all over the world.

    We don't get a lot of seaweed at my beach, as the Great Barrier Reef must screen all of that out. The Coral Sea extends to the Reef, then after that it becomes the Pacific Ocean.

    Back in Perth on the Indian Ocean side, we used to have great fields of kelp wash up after winter storms. I'd never have a bucket big enough to bring all my stinky treasures home!

    Warm regards,



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