Monday, 25 August 2008

ancient art

I came across these amazing ancient, life size carvings
of giraffes the other day when our National Geographic
Magazine came through the door. ( )
I felt kind of humbled.
I often make excuses for not painting.
I say I don't have the right paint,
or paper, or materials.
But what about the artists who
created these incredible images?
They used what was available and
created art that has lasted
for thousands of years.


  1. Wow -- those are really cool! I'll have to show my son. He loves giraffes.

  2. Hey Doda,

    I hear you loud and clear!

    To show you your words have had an impact, I've unwrapped a canvas and laid down the first coat of paint.

    I'm proud to say I've started my second acyrlic painting. As to the finish? Who knows!

    Warm regards,


  3. And now, if I could just take my own advice!


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