Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Italianate cabinet...with mahogany effect.

 This is another of the units I recently decorated for Tonic Studios. This is their Verona unit. I chose to create a mahogany wood effect  for this unit using their Nuvo Acrylic Paints and Matt medium.
The base coat is Walnut brown. I applied two coats of this. Then I mixed up a glaze for the top coat . I used 5 teaspoons of  Burnt Umber, 5 teaspoons of matt medium and a half teaspoon of Black. I then brushed it with a large flat brush to create my woodgrained effect.

 I think it turned out quite effective. The die cuts on the top were cut from thin card painted in the same way and then the whole lot was varnished together with a gloss varnish.

 I laid out card cut to the size of the drawer fronts onto the design I had printed for the front of the drawers so that I could lay the design over the whole frontage.

 I think the crackle glaze looks amazing on this.

 And to think it started out as an MDF blank. It's amazing what you can do with paint, paper, glue and varnish isn't it!

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  1. A gorgeous creation Doda. Found you over on Tonic Studios and thought" I know that face" l don't know if you will remember me. I attended West Calder whe Lo and Mirelle had the fellowship meetings (how I miss them) I am now retired and have been crafting for quite a few years now. This last year I have discovered Tonic dies and have become quite addicted. I want them all😊 Anyway hope this finds you and the family well. Happy crafting.
    Anne Syme xx

  2. Hi what a fab unit you,ve made im trying to put mine together ,going mad cant figure it out do you know if there is a video for it think ive got it and then it falls to bits.thanks if you can help.

    1. Hi Jean, if you think you've got it, then you probably have. Just give enough time for the glue to hold and make sure you are putting the glue in the right places. Run a small bead of glue along all edges that will be in contact.


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