Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Shadow Puppet Theatre - Swinton Insurance

Swinton Insurance have been getting the word around about their TV ad starring  Attraction and sent me a shadow puppet pack of my own. 

Have you seen the advert ? It's very clever indeed!

We have had a ball playing with the puppet theatre, and my little girl aged 8 has come up with some great stories using the array of characters we've been sent. Here is one of her scenarios...

A fair princess went out for a walk in the forest...

when she was captured by a sneaky thief...

He took the Princess home and kept her in a cage

The cage was guarded by a fierce dragon.

Meanwhile...there was a handsome knight who had been on his way to the palace when a wicked witch turned him.....

...into a donkey.

But never fear..there was a good fairy who came along just at the right time and turned him back into a handsome knight again. The good fairy also told him about the beautiful Princess who needed rescued... the knight mounted his trusty steed and galloped away in search of the Princess.

After many long hours riding, the knight found the Princess. The knight gave the dragon a stern talking too, and the dragon was very sorry for what he had done and let the Princess go free.

The sneaky thief was caught and put in the cage, and a banquet was given in honour of the brave knight for rescuing the Princess. The  Knight and the Princess fell madly in love. Soon after they got married...and as with all good fairy tales, they lived happily ever after.

Then there was the tale about the enormous lion who was terrorising the town

And eating all the people...

...but that is another story altogether !!!

. I know we are going to enjoy many more puppet  stories using this set. some point, I may be tempted to add a few puppets of our own. 

Here is Attractions winning performance on Britains Got Talent....

I hope you enjoyed this little shadow puppet interlude.


  1. Hi Doda,

    This is a lovely blog post. Your daughter has a great imagination!

    Would it be OK if I shared your post on the "Swinton Insurance Careers" Facebook, Google + and Linkedin sites? (I work for Swinton Insurance)

    Thank you


    1. Certainly Tony, go ahead. Thanks :-)


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