Monday, 13 January 2014

More with the new Tonic Studio dies...

I've made quite a few things with the latest Tonic Studios dies and their new Frames so far. I found a mirror coaster that was exactly the right size so I made this mirror frame. The frames are card and you fold them and glue them yourself, and then decorate in the manner of your choosing. I made a woodgrain effect here with acrylic paints. The rose corner dies were cut from tomato paste tube.
I have used the lovely butterfly latering dies to decorate little jewellery boxes, and then made some earrings from shrink plastic to go in them all.
Each pair of earrings coordinates with the butterflies on the lid of the boxes.
Wouldn't the white ones be pretty for a wedding !
I really enjoyed making know how much I love making boxes!!!

There has also been other glass etching. I made this candle vase.
Here it is filled with sweeties...I didn't eat all these myself ! I promise !
There are still a few more things to show you, but I'll save that for another post. Hope you feel inspired to go make something now.
Have a lovely day


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  1. oh my word your projects are amazing what a talented lady you are ... happy crafting and love sandy xx


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