Friday, 1 November 2013

Autumn Light

I love the morning light this time of year. The sky is ominous and purple grey and the sun kisses the tops of the golden and copper trees. This morning there was also a rainbow. Beautiful!  I snapped this shot with my mobile phone through my little girl's bedroom window while I was helping her get ready for school this morning.

Not had too much time for crafting this week, but a few cards have been made...

As always...made with the aid of Tonic Studios gorgeous craft tools. For more details on cards and for more papercrafting inspiration do check out Blog Tonic
Hope you are staying warm wherever you are.


  1. Lovely cards Doda, those fancy frames are gorgeous, will have to go on my wishlist I think

  2. Your cards are so pretty. You have such an eye for adding just the perfect little details! I can't believe you took such a pretty picture with your phone. You really captured the loveliness of the morning light and that rainbow! Beautiful snap! xo


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