Friday, 27 September 2013

More cardmaking

I've been busy making quite a few cards lately. This one is in Oriental style. That backing paper for some reason put me in mind of this famous Japanese image - The Great Wave off Kanagawa. That's what inspired the card.

Handmade tassel if course !

I also have made a card inspired by autumn, using a famous quote from George Elliot.

There is another fancy card I have made recently too, but I can't show you that one as the recipient hasn't got it yet.

I'm not cardmaking this morning though...I'm off to make a big pot of vegetable soup to share with some friends.

Have a lovely day !



  1. Lovely quotation on a beautifully designed card.

  2. Both cards very classy! Love the colour story & the tassel for the Japanese card. Autumn leaves get me every time.

  3. Both cards are very classy indeed!


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