Monday, 20 May 2013

A damp Highland morning

I was out and about with my camera this morning before I came in to get on with my sewing projects. (My daughter hates these plastic shoes of mine, but they are so comfy!!)

When the Earth was New

when the earth was new
was the sky bluer
the grass greener
the air sweeter

when the earth was new
did the brown soil thirst for the first rains
to quench it’s crumbling depths

did the flower have to be told how to unfold her petals at first dawn

when the earth was new
did the dew fall purer on every leaf
did the tree know where to push its roots
did the fern unfurl it's fronds in praise of creation’s beauty
when the earth was new

copyright Doda Smith

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  1. your highland morning looks heavenly! gorgeous photos and beautiful poem, doda! have a great week! xox


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