Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hello everyone. A very happy 2012 to you all.  No, I haven't been hibernating. Only very, very busy. During the school and university holidays the house has been full and it has been a blessing. Now that they have all returned to their various educational establishments I am trying to de-clutter, scrub and make the place presentable. We have a viewer coming to look at the house this Saturday, so I have an incentive to make it look its best.

While I am cleaning I have been looking around at all the changes we have made since we bought the place.  I think sometimes it is the little details that can make all the difference.
So I sharing with you a couple of little ways we changed things, maybe it will inspire you to look at the little details that might improve your home.

Are any of you stuck with these ugly plastic air vents in your wall?
Let's be honest, they don't add a whole lot of style to a room do they? Practical, yes. They let the room breathe and help prevent dampness, but I am afraid I loathe the look of them. We had them in two of our bedrooms. So I replaced them with this...
It looks so much prettier don't you think? They come from a company called Jali.
I am not totally sure if they still make this small size of grill but they do custom orders so they probably would be able to do something similar. Now this design has a large open shape and we didn't want bugs to come into the room, so I bought a piece of aluminium mesh from Halfords and it was enough to make two backing pieces for my air vents. Problem solved.

Another little detail was added from Jali in our kitchen. We replaced some wooden doors with some glass ones on our cabinets. Unfortunately the edge of the shelving inside had been done very badly and so didn't look too hot  showing through the glass. I bought some edging strip and attached it to the edge of the shelves and now it looks luverly. It's one of these little details that has made a lovely finishing touch to the styling of the room.

Well...I really better get back to the cleaning. There are a whole lot of dust bunnies lurking around here.

Later x

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  1. I love your gorgeous home! So cozy! And such nice little details you've pointed out, make it so special. I love special little details like that. And I really like it that you use the word "luverly". My gals say that all the time, and I haven't heard anyone else doing that, until reading it just now, here on your luverly blog.


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