Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Hi there,well, looks like I'll be waiting a long while for something to happen regarding selling our home. The one couple who were very interested  found somewhere else, and we've not had so much as a peep since then. I have placed an advert in the local papers to go out later this week, so I shall see if anything happens from that. 

It's a  bit disappointing, but in today's current economic climate I guess I can't be too surprised. 

The summer holidays are fast drawing to a close and I can't believe the time has flown by so fast. My little girl starts school in just a couple of weeks. Gasp! My baby girl!
(funny self portrait taken in the back of the car)


  1. It only takes one person my friend - and in this case it needs to be one very special person - who will fall in love and be your home's new owner! Then you'll look back and go, "oh... THAT'S why it worked out that way!"


  2. Hi Doda, thanks for the warm welcome to the Tonic Studios blog :)
    I'm off to work now but I'll check out your blog later.
    BTW, I love the verse at the bottom.
    Hope you find a buyer for your home soon, Ruth x


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