Wednesday, 31 August 2011

cart before the horse

I'm slowly working myself up to doing some serious crafting, but I have a strange back to front way of doing things. I like to get all my little boxes ready before I start making the jewellery to put in them.
Actually I find it quite therapeutic to cut, score and stick. Now I am in the mood to try my hand at a little notebook or some other paper items . 
My other job for today is to embroider my little girls name onto a plain black fabric bag I have so that she can use it at school for her gym kit. Exciting stuff!

PS. Last chance to enter my blog giveaway ...drawing is tomorrow. 


  1. These wee boxes are so beautiful, and theres nothing wrong with making them first. There are some days when you feel like doing something therapeutic and these are a beautiful way to spend a day. Really lovely. Have fun with embroidering the bag. Lee xx

  2. Those boxes are adorable! You are so talented! :)


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