Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's been a while

I've been rather absent in bloggyland lately. Apologies for that. Life has been very hectic in preparation for selling our home. At last it is very nearly on the market. Final details are being worked out as I write. It is such a relief to arrive at this point in time, and exciting as well as we await the next step in our adventure.
I'll need to get around to showing you some more makeovers that we have made on the house sometime. At present,  I'm sitting here waiting to hear from the Estate Agent about when our advert goes live.

The hardest part is going to be keeping the place tidy for viewings. Not easy when my 5 year old treasure loves to trail an assortment of items from one room to another and create impromtu sculptures/ shops/ cafes etc. 


  1. Your home is lovely! And such beautiful outside detail, looks like a place that will be easy to sell, I believe a lot of people will be wanting to live there. Praying for a smooth transition for you all!

  2. Oh, it looks gorgeous! Where about are you? Not that I'm in a position to buy it... unless you can work out some way of sorting a visa to the US out for us!
    Hope all goes well with the sale... and that you wont have to go on and on with viewings x

  3. Duh! I should have known that!! I've just seen the house online - what a beauty! And what a beautiful part of the country too, I doubt you'll have any problem selling that :)

  4. You know I love your home, and you know it will sell quickly! It is just beautiful!
    I pray blessings as you find your new dream home!
    Love from across the BIG pond!
    (Your chat buddy :)

  5. Doda, it looks beautiful, hope someone falls in love with it very soon. ox

  6. Doda, your house is just LOVELY! I've seen bits and pieces of it here and there, but never a pic of the entire house and garden (at least that I can remember!)!!! Gosh, I would purchase your home in the blink of an eye! I'd do just about anything to get out of crazy California and move my family to the land where my father was from! Best, best wishes my friend! xoxo


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