Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Biscuit Bear

It started snowing again today, and my little girl's friend was not able to visit due to the bad weather, so to cheer her up, I read her one of her favourite stories...

...and then we baked and decorated some biscuit bears.
But this little bear does not want to be stuck in the cookie jar...
He's trying to work his way up to the lid...
...on the other hand...this little bear couldn't give two hoots...he has stars in his eyes, and he is dreaming of being discovered.


  1. LOL!!!! THAT is funny and rather cute! Mabey she knows shes destined to be eaten!

  2. OH how cute!! A starry-eyed biscuit bear... Now I want to read the story. :)

  3. those are really cute! especially the frowny one planning his escape! :)

  4. What I wouldn't give for a biscuit bear right now! The one with the starry eyes please!
    Cute book!

  5. Graciosos las galletitas del oso, como cambia la sonrisa del principio al fin. Fantásticos.
    Te he dejado un premio para ti en mi blog.

  6. What an adorable post, and great cookies too! xoxo

  7. Oh Doda that's so SAD! Quick, help him out now and then eat him for me please? And maybe a few of his brothers and sisters as well....

    Looks gorgeous.




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