Saturday, 11 July 2009

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

It's been a most enjoyable time lately as we have been out and about, spending time with my brother and sister in-law and family who were up for their annual Highland holiday.
We've visited the park...
...had plenty fun and fresh air...

...been to see the Moscow State Circus - that was really cool!

...and meantime, the garden continues to bloom and flourish. Already we are collecting seed heads for next year from some flowers. These seed heads are from some pretty purple violas. Exquisite don't you think?
Remember the pot I painted back in this post? Well here it is planted up with Alyssum and Osteospernum.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a lot of wonderful things have been happening lately!

  2. summer fun!
    The seed heads ARE impressive! Great pot! looks lovely with the flowers.
    The quote at the bottom of your blog is perfect!


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